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Why Finding Your Tribe is Beneficial to Your Business

If you’re an entrepreneur than you know the struggle can be real.

In the first few years of your business, there are LOTS of early mornings and late nights. There’s a lot of financial strain and very limited social interactions with your friends and family. You basically live and breathe your business. For many of us, this sacrifice is worth it so we can pursue our dreams and build a business we’re passionate about.

Having said that, sometimes it can be hard to explain to our friends and family why we chose this path. Of course they love and support us unconditionally, but when you’re declining that invite to dinner for the fifth time in a row, missing yet another friends birthday, or forgoing those lazy Sundays with your family, there’s bound to be some frustrations. Entrepreneurship is one of those things that you truly do have to experience to fully understand.

Believe me, it can be tough feeling like you’re alone and no-one truly understands what you’re going through. I felt the same way – until I discovered business friends!

From Facebook groups, networking events, to simply reaching out to others in the industry within my community. By embracing both online and offline opportunities, I have joined a community full of like-minded creatives who understand my struggles EXACTLY, because they also had them.

I’ve found that developing these friendships has not only been beneficial to my sanity, but also my business. I’m going to share with you my top 3 reasons why finding your tribe is essential as an entrepreneur!

3 reasons why finding your tribe is essential as an entrepreneur!

1. Knowledge

Can you imagine having thousands of highly educated, motivated, passionate and experienced people to give you advice at any given time? That’s the reality of online entrepreneurial groups! There are hundreds of discussion threads to read through, and trust me, you’ll learn something new every day that you didn’t even know you didn’t know! Not only that, but you can also reach out for help and almost instantly be flooded with knowledge and advice from any number of supportive people!

2. Opportunities

Whether it’s advice on a certain topic, support when you’re feeling low, the answer to a question that’s been bugging you, referrals, collaborations or anything in between, you’re sure to find it once you find the right group for you! One thing that is majorly underestimated is how many opportunities come your way just by being part of an online like-minded group! Posting regularly can help you create an authority for yourself. I’ve watched any number of people become incredibly active and well-known within a group that they become the ‘go-to’ person for their industry.

With so many different people in each group, you’ll find it’s easy to find other businesses with similar values and goals to create collaborations with! Not only that, but there are daily posts from people looking for help in different areas of their business – a quick and easy way to connect with potential clients!

3. Friendship

Many entrepreneurs work from home, which means many long days spent alone. It’s enough to make anyone a little bit loopy! The main thing I find running a one-woman show is that I lack the social interactions with colleagues that you’d experience in a larger workplace. That’s why finding a tribe is super important for your own health, as well as your businesses!

Through the groups I am part of, I’ve made some amazing friends who I can share a fantastic win with, as well as have a good vent when something doesn’t go my way. It’s great, because I don’t feel like I am burdening my friends and family with more talk about my business, and I’m also getting to chat with others who have had first hand experience with it as well. It really does help knowing you’re not the only one who has had the same small business struggles!

There are a large number of online and local communities out there!

I personally am part of a number of them, and find that each one provides me with something different. It helps if you know what you’re after. Some people are looking for personal connections, others purely business opportunities, and others again advice and support. If you’re clear on what you want to get from the group, it’s easier to find one whose members align with those needs!

If you’re after a group of business women, a larger Facebook community I am a part of is Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine (check it out here), they also have smaller city and region sub-groups perfect for local connection. If you’re wanting to make friends and swap stories with those in your industry consider a group of business owners who do exactly what you do. I’m part of an industry community called Designer Boss Ladies (you can join here) where we chat about all things design related. I am also a part of a local workshop group where I have been able to meet many other creatives, House of Artisan (discover Gympie workshops here). Sometimes getting out and about and networking is the perfect way to make friends!

Want to become biz friends? Reach out via social media, I’d love to hear from you!

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